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God With Us 2020 - Parent & Student Production Page!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 12/04/20.

God With Us looks a little (a lot) different this year. And although we're not able to present a full stage production that includes all of our dance students, we are working up a special online-only version of God With Us that we will deliver just before Christmas. Here's what you need to know:

An abbreviated version of God With Us (our annual Christmas production) that includes only our Level 4, 5, and 6 students in Ballet and Jazz, will be performed and video-taped on Saturday, December 19th, then delivered online the week of Christmas.

Although there are aspects of this production that are coming together last-minute, the students in those classes have been working the past two months, and we are very excited to have a version of this show to present this year.

2020 has included many losses. And although we are disappointed that we can't produce a show with all of our students on stage and our patrons and parents in the audience... We're grateful for what we can do, and we're excited to bring you this gift. = )

So... What Do I Need To Know?

For dancers in Level 4, 5, and 6 ballet/jazz classes:

Scroll down to the Rehearsal & Performance info below.

For hip-hop students, or ballet/jazz students below 4:

Since those classes and levels aren't participating in this production, you don't need to know anything else about the production. When the videos are complete, we'll send them to you so you can enjoy them as well.

Here's what you DO need to know: We will be sending an invitation to an in-class performance that we've been working on the last few weeks -- some of which are selections from the full version of God With Us. Those will be simple, brief, and will be offered at the end of your student's regular class time. We'll have details in your inbox next week.

What Is God With Us?

God With Us is our annual Christmas performance, which tells the story of Jesus' birth through our own, original choreography set to traditional and contemporary Christmas music. It's a fun show, with a good mix of cute moments from our younger dancers and meaningful moments from our most experienced ones. God With Us has been a part of our Christmas tradition since our beginning in 2006. We hope you'll make it part of your Christmas tradition as well.

God With Us (and really all of our dance performances) are not your typical dance "recitals." They are fully costumed, choreographed, and scored dance productions that communicate meaningful Gospel-rich stories in creative and compelling ways. If this is your first time participating or attending, we hope you'll be encouraged and pleasantly surprised by what we do. = )

When Is The Recording/Performance?

We will be recording each of the seven pieces on Saturday, December 19th. Specific information about the venue and schedule will be emailed directly.

When Are Rehearsals?

We've set aside two Saturday rehearsal blocks to "run" the show, rehearse the choreography, and plan how we will light and shoot the production, on Saturday, December 5th and Saturday, December 12th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, at Trinity Arts Center.

Since the show doesn't run sequentially or continuously, but is treated as seven individual pieces, we are able to use multiple studios to limit contact to those outside their normal classrooms. Although we can't eliminate the possibility of casual contact in bathrooms and hallways, this should limit contact to those who are already "inside your circle."

As is our custom, we will be shooting posed photography before and during the performance on December 19th. Those pictures will be made available to parents and students at no charge, along with the video.

How Do We Get Tickets?

The videos from these pieces will be made available for free. However, donations to help cover the cost (around $4,000) are GREATLY appreciated. You can do that quickly and easily online at, or -- can just drop off or mail a check.

Our creativity depends on your generosity, and that is especially true this year. THANKS IN ADVANCE for that ongoing support. = )

Do We Need Costumes? What Do We Wear?

Trinity Arts Center provides costumes for all of our performers. However, we do require that students wear some standard pieces (usually our required classroom uniform) as an undergarment or base for those costumes. Specefic informaiton about those base costumes is included below. Please contact the teachers for more information about the additonal costumes that we will be providing for the show.

Note: Many of the costumes are shared by both casts. It is absolutely critical that you do not take these home for laundering, or keep them during intermission or for photos. If you'd lke to take photos, please come early, get in costume, then make sure those are returned immediately after your rehearsal or performances so that they can be organized and prepared for the next dancer.

What Should I Expect On Performance Day?

Students will need to be dropped off and picked up at the times that we'll designate. To limit exposure (and confusion), no parents are allowed to observe or help. An email with more detailed info will be in your hands as soon as it is finalized.

We'll update this site with more information as we have it. When in doubt, just ask your student's teacher, or shoot us an email and we'll figure it out. Thanks!