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Trinity Arts Center Is Closed The Week Of Thanksgiving!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 11/14/18.

Trinity Arts Center is closed the entire week of Thanksgiving. We are SO grateful for your ongoing patrongage and support, which has allowed us to continue doing what we do, moving into our fourteenth year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Don't forget. You can check our online calendar for up-to-date information about our calendar, and can check or our Facebook page for archived copies of everything that goes out via email.

Tickets For God With Us Are On Sale!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/15/18.

Tickets for the 13th annual performance of God With Us, our original, full-length, contemporary dance production telling the story of Christmas, are on sale today! Make God With Us a part of your family's Christmas tradition and join us on Saturday, December 22nd at 1:00 or 5:00 in Seeger Chapel on the Milligan College campus.

God With Us includes performances by all of the dance students at Trinity Arts Center, set to contemporary and traditional Christmas music. From irresistably cute moments from our three and four year old dancers, to meaningful moments from our most experienced ones, God With Us will entertain and inspire people of all ages. After twelve years, I still can't wait to see what our dancers will bring this year. It's a beautiful way to remind yourself of the true meaning of Christmas.

Parents & Students: Visit the production page for complete information about casts, costumes, rehearsal times, performances, parent volunteers, and more.

Purchase tickets for God With Us.

Trinity Arts Center Is Closed For Fall Break!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/08/18.

Trinity Arts Center is clsed this week for Fall Break. By the way... We always follow Johnson City Schools for the full-week holidays (although we take the entire week off for Thanksgiving), but we don't ever take the one-day holidays and we make our own decisions about snow. When in doubt, visit, our online calendar or our Facebook page for up-to-date info.

I hope you get your fall break to-do list completed, and make time for some outdoorsy goodness as well. It's a bit early for the fall colors to start popping, but I always like to point people toward Bay's Mountain in Kingsport as one of our go-to fall hikes. The pic above is from October 16th a couple years ago. We live in a beautiful place. I hope you have time enjoy it. = )

Quarterly Tuition Is Due This Friday!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 10/08/18.

Quartly tuition is due this week. If you're registered to pay tuition by quarter (and haven't paid it yet), you should have received an email reminder this morning. Thanks for helping to keep things running smoothly by being on time. We really appreciate it!

As always... shoot us an email or a Facebook message if you have questions. Even on fall break, we'll be pretty responsive to both.

Tickets For Mary Poppins Are On Sale Now!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 09/10/18.

Annemarie Dugan and Steve Davis (the same directoral team that brought Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, and The Music Man to Johnson City) are at it again, bringing Mary Poppins -- one of the most beloved musicals of all time -- to the Gregory Center at Milligan College on November 9th through the 18th. Tickets went on sale Monday and will go very fast. Order yours today!

Everyone's favorite nanny takes the stage in Mary Poppins, a musical adventure with timeless favorites like "Spoon Full of Sugar," "Feed the Birds," "Chim Chim Cher-ee," "Let's Go Fly A Kite," "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." and more. With over 2,500 Broadway performances and 7 Tony Awards (including Best Musical), Mary Poppins is the idyllic family musical experience, with an enchanting story, unforgettable music, and a handful of "wow" moments that the Johnson City theater scene has never seen before! (we promise, you'll walk away smiling, laughing, and talking). = )

Tickets are $20 each, and can be purchased at Trinity Arts Center, by phone (926-6048), or online at All seats are reserved.

Superhero Yourself Art Workshop!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 09/14/18.

On Tuesday, October 16th we will launch the first in a series of art workshops -- a six-week workshop called "Superhero Yourself" that will incorporate photography, drawing, anatomy, inking, and coloring as students conceptualize, design, and create a superhero version of themselves every Tuesday from 5:15-6:45 PM.

This workshop is open to ages 10 and up and limited to just ten students to ensure lots of one-on-one attention. Although this playful format is intended to engage a broad group of students, donít be fooled. This is a technique-packed workshop designed to give voice to a student's creativity and introduce them to several mediums. Tuition for this six week workshop is $85 and includes all materials. Email to hold your spot now.

We're Open For Labor Day (And All One-Day Holidays)!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 09/03/18.

Trinity Arts Center is open on Labor Day (and all of the one-day holidays). We take a week off for fall break, a week for Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, and one final week for spring break. Other than that, we're open, doing what we do.

Our online calendar shows our scheduled holidays, performances, tuition deadlines, and more. Check that any time you have a doubt. See you soon!

Fourth Friday Worship Nights At Trinity Arts Center!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/21/18.

On Friday, September 28th, we're kicking off a monthly worship gathering called "Fourth Friday Worship Nights at Trinity Arts Center." Join us from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (come and go as you please) to worship Jesus, confess sin, rest in God's goodness and mercy, read God's Word aloud, dance (if you're so inclined), and of course, to sing. I expect us to lean contemporary in style, but we have deep roots in hymns too, so there will definitely be something that everyone can call "their" song.

Our worship band and singers will vary month to month, and will consist of Trinity faculty, students, and friends. If you'd like to get involved leading and serving (we need creative, talented people for setup, sound, environment, hospitality (coffee), prayer, poetry, reading, and more), let us know.

"I will proclaim the name of the Lord. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all His ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong. Upright and just is He." - Deuteronomy 32:3-4

Dance Clothing, Expectations, & Etiquette!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/20/18.

The beginning of a new school year is always a good time to highlight our standard dance clothing, point you in the direction of, and share a few thoughts about expectations and etiquette for our dance program.

Ballet (All Levels)

Our standard girl's dance uniform is light pink tights (fully footed, convertible, or ankle length), with a black leotard (long sleeve, cap sleeve, or spaghetti strap with minimal sequins), and simple, light pink ballet slippers. We standardize our classroom attire so that we can use them as a base for production costumes, and these uniforms are required. You're welcome to add a light pink or black skirt (although it's not required), but there are times that a teacher will ask you to remove it so they can see lines clearly. Boys wear black jazz pants with a white t-shirt and black ballet slippers.

Target and Academy Sports stock smaller sizes of those items. If they don't have what you're looking for, is our go-to, and stocks everthing you could possible want. Plus, they give a 5-10% discount to you for entering our school code (#28758) and give us a 1% kick-back toward our costumes budget. Win, win.

Jazz (All Levels)

Jazz students wear a black leotard with black jazz pants and black jazz shoes. If you're confused about what any of those are, visit to see examples, and to get an idea what is available.

Hip-Hop (All Levels)

Hip-hop students can wear whatever allows them to dance and feel cool. Generally speaking, that includes sweat pants, t-shirts, cool shoes, hats, and any accessories that add to the look without getting in the way.

Expectations & Etiquette For All Dancers

  1. Be in class (or for little ones, in the lobby), in uniform, hair done, shoes on, on time, and ready to go. We have a large lobby and waiting area where you can get ready. Let's not waste class time waiting for late arrivals or unprepared dancers. We get it. Sometimes stuff happens, but -- do what you can to honor others' time and be in class and ready to go, on time. Check out our sample ballet bun videos if you need some help with those.
  2. Always be attentive and quiet in class. If you have a question, wait until an appropriate time, raise your hand, and wait for your teacher to call on you.
  3. The teacher is always right, even when they are wrong. I promise, we're trying hard to teach you everything we know in a loving and humble way, and some of us are old. Show us some grace when we make a mistake or forget. We'll figure it out eventually. Learning to show teachers (and elders) respect is part of what you're learning.
  4. If something does go wrong, it's probably Mr. Jamin's fault. If you have a complaint, comment, or question, send it here or shoot us a message on Facebook. We'll response asap.
  5. We do not allow parents to visit the classroom. It's just too disruptive, especially for the little ones (imagine trying to do what you do with two people sitting in chairs watching you the entire time). We produce two shows a year. You'll have lots of opportunities to see their progress. If you have questions about what we're doing in class, we're glad to schedule a quick meetup before or after class, or you can contact us at the front desk.
  6. Be humble, creative, patient, kind, encouraging, and work hard. Our motto is "art that looks like praise." We want to embody that in all that we do, and we hope you will too.
  7. Finally... Be yourself. We're not one of those studios that only accepts people who are a certain height, weight, or body type. You bring a love for dance and be willing to work, and we will give you the best training we can, and lots of opportunities to use that gift for good.
Hopefully that helps set expectations and answers questions, especially for those who are new. As always, give us a shout if there's anything we can do. We're generally pretty responsive on Facebook as well.

We Have Some Suggestions About Parking!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/13/18.

Although you guys have done an amazing job with parking and drop-off this year, we always like to remind our friends and patrons that parking on the street in front of Trinity Arts Center is illegal, and can result in a ticket. That's only happened once in thirteen years but still... I'd hate to have any of you be the second.

Added to the mix this year, are some new neighbors next door (I'm working on getting them to stop parking in "our" pull through lane) and across the street (who have asked us not to park over there until after 5:00). It's an ongoing challenge as we continue to grow, but -- here is a parking map that we use for recitals and other high-traffic times that might make you aware of some options you hadn't considered, or didn't know were ours. As you know, we are working on a new facility, but until that day arrives, this is the best we've got.
  1. If you do park on the street, you do so at your own risk. These aren't high dollar tickets, but it's still frustrating to get one.

  2. If you decide to risk a ticket, for convenience sake, please make sure that you park facing the correct way, and close enough to the curb to allow two-way traffic on the main road (these seeem to be the two flags that prompt grumpy, child-hating pass-through drivers to complain to the police.) Ha! = )

  3. We're sorry we don't have more convenint parking options right now. Thanks for your patience, and for being willing to walk a bit farther to keep us in good standing with the city and our neighbors. We really do appreciate it.

  4. While we're on the subject, maintaining the one-way traffic flow past the back building and out the other side really helps to reduce confusion and expedite the transition between classes. If you're early, and need to wait, please stay to the right, near the curb in front of the back studio so that the left lane remains free for other vehicles to make an exit. Keeping that left lane clear helps things run smoothly. Again, thanks.
Click here to see that map.

Aaaaaaaaaand... We're Back!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/06/18.

School is back in session, and we have a 12,000 square foot facility with 10 music rooms, 4 dance studios, 1 dedicated art space, and a huge lobby/recital venue that is perfect for doing homework, or for parents and siblings to work, chat, play, or relax, with free wi-fi, books, toys, and homework help (if you don't mind a 50/50 chance of being wrong). We're working hard (and having fun) creating a vibrant, meaningful, encouraging community for creative people. Come join us!

Although classes officially started this week, we're adding new students all the time. When you're ready, or when the dust settles from the beginning of the school year, take a peek at the schedule and let us know what we can do. Can't wait to see you!

Trinity Arts Center... Save The Dates!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 08/02/18.

The 2018-2019 school year is underway, and now is a good time to save the dates for this school year. Our online calendar is always current, and is often set a year or more in advance. Here are a few key dates:

First Day Of Classese:Monday, August 6th
Mary Poppins Auditions:Saturday, August 11th
Mary Poppins Auditions:Sunday, August 12th
Fall Break:Sunday, October 7th - Saturday, October 13th
Quarter Tuition Due:Friday, October 12th
Mary Poppins Performances:November 9th, 10th, and 11th
Mary Poppins Performances:November 16th, 17th, and 18th
Thanksgiving Break:Sunday, November 18th - Saturday, November 24th
God With Us Dance Production:Saturday, December 22nd
Christmas Break:Sunday, December 23rd - Saturday, January 5th
Quarter Tuition Due:Friday, January 4th
Semester Tuition Due:Friday, Jauary 4th
Valery Lantratov Workshop:Saturday, January 19th
Father/Daughter Dance:Saturday, February 16th
Spring Break:Sunday, March 10th - Saturday, March 16th
Quarter Tuition Due:Friday, March 15th
Spring Dance Production (TBA):Saturday, May 4th
Music Recitals:Friday, May 17th - Sunday, May 19th
Last Day Of Classes:Sunday, May 19th
Early Registration Deadline:Sunday, May 19th
Summer Dance Intensive 1:Monday, June 3rd - Friday, June 7th
Summer Dance Intensive 2:Monday, June 10th - Friday, June 14th
Princess Ballerina Camp 1:Monday, June 17th - Friday, June 21st
Princess Ballerina Camp 2:Monday, June 24th - Friday, June 28th

Of course, we'll add a variety of guest artists, camps, and workshops to the schedule as well, which we'll announce as they are confirmed. You can always reference our online calendar, message us on Facebook, email us, or call/text to (423) 926-6048.

Classes Begin In ONE Week!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/30/18.

Trinity classes begin in ONE WEEK! Whatever you're looking for, NOW is the time to schedule music, art, and dance classes for the 2018-19 school year. Stop by Tuesday or Thursday from from 4-6, shoot us an email, call, or Facebook message to hold your spot. Now is the time.

The 2018-19 class schedule is online. Take a peek at that then let us know what we can do. Can't wait to see you!

Mary Poppins Is Coming (Auditions Are 8/11 and 8/12)!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/23/18.

Auditions for Trinity Arts Center's November production of Mary Poppins will take place on Saturday, August 11th from 6:00-9:00 PM and Sunday, August 12th from 3:00-6:00 PM. Annemarie Dugan and Steve Davis (the same directorial team that brought us Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music, and The Music Man) are at it again, bringing top-notch musical theater to Johnson City! You won't want to miss it!

Save the date, for this enchanting family musical experience, full of unforgettable music and a handful of "wow" moments that the Johnson City theater scene has never seen! (we promise, you'll walk away smiling, laughing, and talking about what you saw). Performances will be held on November 9-11 and 16-18 in the Gregory Center on the Milligan College campus, with tickets going on sale Monday, September 10th. Download the audition information sheet for more information about what to expect and we'll see you on August 11th or 12th!

Classes Begin In TWO Weeks!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/23/18.

Trinity classes begin in TWO WEEKS! The schedule is filling fast, but we still have lots of open spots for music, art, and dance classes. Of course, the earlier you register, the more choices you'll have and the easier it will be to coordinate all of the pieces for school, arts, and sports. Stop by Tuesday or Thursday from from 4-6, shoot us an email, call, or Facebook message to hold your spot. Now is the time.

The 2018-19 class schedule is online. Take a peek at that then let us know what we can do. Can't wait to see you!

Johnson City's Favorite Studio (and's too)!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/16/18.

A few month's ago, Trinity Arts Center was voted Johnson City's favorite studio for the third year in a row (every year since we've been nominated). This week, we've been selected as one of a handful of five-star studios IN THE NATION by! We don't do what we do to win awards, but it is encouraging to be recognized for doing what we do. Thanks for continuing to let us do it since 2006! It truly is our pleasure!

By the way... Classes for the 2018-19 school year start up on August 6th. Now is the time to take a peek at the schedule and grab the class and lesson times you need for dance, music, and art. Let us know what we can do!

Classes Begin In THREE Weeks!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/16/18.

Just a quick reminder that we have THREE WEEKS until classes start AND that we're at Trinity every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 to answer questions and get class and lesson times held for you and your kiddos. Of course, E-mails, phone calls, or Facebook messages work just as well. Just let us know what you need. = )

The 2018-19 class schedule is online. Take a peek at that then let us know what we can do. One way or another, we will see you soon!

Classes For The 2018-19 School Year Begin In Four Weeks!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 07/07/18.

I know, I know... I'm not ready to think about "back to school" yet either but -- the truth of the matter is that now is the best time to get the class and lesson times you need for the new school year. Shoot us an email or stop by one of the early registration nights every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6 so we can get spots held for you. Four weeks are going to fly by fast.

The 2018-19 class schedule is online. Take a peek at that then let us know what we can do. One way or another, hopefully we will see you soon!

Our New Art Classes Meet Twice A Week!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 06/23/18.

Our new twice-a-week art classes with Christopher Boyd are a great option for talented students with a high interest in and aptitude for creativity! We'll go way beyond arts and crafts, and give your kids an opportunity to experiment with a variety of mediums, develop technique, and use their creativity to grow, communicate, express themselves, solve problems, and create beauty.

Chris is a next-level artist with a broad range of talents and training in drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, and more. And not only is Chris a talented artist and teacher, he's an amazing encourager and role model who will build your kids up in more ways than just technique. Chris makes his living creating art, so he has great persepctive on how to apply creativity in a real-world, taking-care-of-a-family context. He's the real deal. If you have a creative kid, you'll want them to spend time with Chris. He's a big teddy bear, a creative juggernaut, and a creative rockstar.

Classes for the 2018-19 school year begin on Monday, August 6th and the new art classes will meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15-6:15 (ages 10-13) and 6:30-7:30 (ages 14-18). A complete class schedule is avialable online. Call or e-mail any time to get a spot held. Class size is limited to ten, so register early to guarantee a spot.

Stop By Any Tuesday or Thursday in June or July!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 06/19/18.

Like to get registered, but want to talk to someone in person first? Interested in classes, but would like to check out the facility and see more than what a text message or the web site can offer? Stop by any Tuesday or Thursday in June or July from 4-6 PM and we'll answer questions, give you a tour, and get you registered for a trial dance class, art class, or private music lesson for the fall. Spots fill fast, especially for early childhood dance classes and private lessons. If you have Trinity in mind for the fall, now is the time to stop by. = )

In the meantime, take a peek at next year's class schedule, so you can see what's available. And of course, you can call, email, or send us a Facebook message to get your questions answered or spots held as well! Thanks!

Classes Begin August 6th But Now Is The Time To Register!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 06/13/18.

For those who are already registered, confirmation invoices went out today. For those who haven't, you need to do that now! The schedule just gets fuller from here, and you risk missing out on the class and lesson times you need for the fall if you wait.

Music classes and early childhood dance classes fill up especially fast, so if you have those in your plan for the new school year, I highly recommend you shoot us an email and gets spots held. You don't have to pay tuition to hold class and lesson times. You just have to let us know, and pay the $75 registration fee. Take a peek at next year's class schedule, and call or email to get your spots held! One way or another, we'll see you soon. = )

Our Summer Dance Intensive Is Going To Be Amazing!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 04/07/18.

Registration for our 2018 Summer Dance Intensive is open today, with some past favorites and some new faces that are going to deliver an amazing series of classes for this summer's two-week program. Space is limited so register now for one or both weeks (June 4-8 and June 11-15). It will be a summer to remember!

This summer's intensive will feature long-time friends and favorites like Marc Wayne (Culture House, Maxxus Dance Theater), Jill Eathorne Bahr (Charleston Ballet, Coastal Ballet USA), Patricia Cantwell (Charleston Ballet), Alexander Kotelenets (Kiev Ballet, Houston Ballet, Texas Ballet Theater), Heather Kotelenets (Harid Conservatory, Texas Ballet Theater), Cheryl Cutlip (Project Dance, The Rockettes), Carl Harris (Just Dance, E3, Stage One), and Natassia Harris (Just Dance, E3, Stage One).

Both weeks of our intensive will include an intense 5 1/2 hour daily schedule of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, modern, and theatrical classes, with lots of opportunities to learn new choreography, push yourself, and benefit from the varied personal experience of this amazing group of dancers, teachers, and choreographers. In addition to being talented performers and teachers, these guests are all incredible role models and mentors. You will be inspired and changed.

Classes are available for both intermediate (at least two years of ballet) and advanced (at least two years on pointe) levels. Tuition is $300 per week or $500 for both. The intensive is 100% open to students outside of our studio, although space is limited and housing is not included.

Download the brochure for more information about the schedule, instructors, and cost. Email or call if you have any questions. We'd love to see you there!

Registration Is Open For The 2018-2019 School Year!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 04/15/18.

Registration is open for the 2018-2019 school year! We highly recommend grabbing your preferred class and lesson times early as some classes fill quickly. The deadline to get the 10% early registration discount is Saturday, May 19th. To keep your existing music spots, you'll need to register by Saturday, May 19th.

As always, private music students have the option to carry their existing lesson times into the new school year by registering before the May 19th deadline. If you're new, or are hoping to grab new lesson times for the coming school year, this is the best time of year to do that. The earlier you register, the more likely you'll be able to find times that work for your family.

For more information, Download the 2018-2019 Registration Form, call, or email. Existing students don't need to complete a new registration form. We already have your info on file, and can hold spots, and take tuition payments, at the front desk or over the phone. As always, check the online calendar for start dates, summer camps, workshops, and everything else. Call or email if you have any questions. Thanks!

End Of Year Music Recitals Are This Month!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 04/10/18.

Our end-of-year music recitals are on the calendar (and listed below). Friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, neighbors (and really anyone) is welcome to attend. Double-check your times (and the notes) below. We'll see you there!

Saturday, April 28th
09:00 AM - Barb Jeffress
11:30 AM - Patty Booher
02:00 PM - Zach Ross
04:30 PM - Rob Merier
07:00 PM - Aaron Jackson & Dalton Hall

Friday, May 4th
07:00 PM - MIriah Hawkins

Saturday, May 5th
11:30 AM - Erin Dalton
02:00 PM - Kalia Yeager
07:00 PM - Cody Bauer **** Moved to 2:00! ***

Generally speaking, these recitals run around sixty minutes but can be as long as ninety, depending on how many students are performing. Each instructor sets the "tone" for their recital and may send home additional instruction about attire and protocol. Unless you hear otherwise, the tone (and dress code) is casual. Family and friends are welcome. There is no cost to attend.

Although it's ideal to have students perform at their instructor's recital time, we are flexible, and allow students to perform at any time that works for your family's schedule. If you have questions about that, let Jamin know or touch base with your instructor.

Trinity Arts Center Is Closed For Spring Break!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 03/12/18.

Trinity Arts Center is closed this week for Spring Break. Enjoy the break, start your spring cleaning (the garage is on my list), and carve out some time to enjoy the beauty of where we live (Round Bald on Roan Mountain and a milkshake at Bob's Dairyland is also on my list). We'll see you on Monday, March 19th, when we return.

P.S. It might be a bit cool this week, but I highly recommend taking a kite or two up on Roan Mountain. It's always windy on Round Bald, and super-easy to get them airborn. The kids and I have had a blast every time. = )

Tickets for "The Woman at the Well" on sale February 12th!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 02/05/18.

PARENTS & STUDENTS! We've added notes to the production page about costumes, run-through rehearsals for Cast A on April 28th and for Cast B on May 5th, and dress rehearsals for everyone on May 11th. Please review those notes now.

Tickets for "The Woman at the Well," this year's full-length, original, spring dance production go on sale next Monday, February 12th. Performances will be on Saturday, May 12th at 1:00 and 5:00 in Seeger Chapel on the Milligan College campus.

The Woman at the Well is this year's original, spring dance production, which expands on the story of The Woman at the Well in John 4. It consists of our own original choreography set to the music of today's most creative and contemporary music artists. All of our performances are a good mix of cute moments, performed by our youngest students, and meaningful ones, performed by some of our most accomplished older dancers. With contemporary music, creative storytelling, and some very talented dancers and choreographers, we like to think that there is something for everyone. We'd love to see you there!

Purchase tickets for God With Us.

Tuition Is Past-Due For the 3rd Quarter & 2nd Semester!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 02/05/18.

Tuition for the 3rd quarter & 2nd semester (depending on how you pay) is one month past due this week. Please pay that online, using the link in the email invoice that was sent, or at the front desk, using a credit card, check, or cash. Automatic email reminders go out every Monday. If you're not receiving those, please let us know. Thanks!

As always, shoot us an email if you have any questions. Thanks!

Jazz Workshop w/ Cheryl Cutlip (Rockettes, Project Dance)!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 01/28/18.

Cheryl Cutlip, former Rockette and founder/director of Project Dance, is offering two Fosse Jazz Workshops on Saturday, February 24th from 10:00-12:00 (advanced) and from 12:30-2:30 (intermediate). The advanced group is ages 13+ with 4+ yeard of jazz experience. The intermediate group is 10+ with at least 2 years. Students from other studios are welcome.

Cheryl is an amazing dancer, instructor, and force for good in the international dance community. Not only is she a talented performer and teacher, she is an encourager, influencer, and bright light who builds up dancers in every good way. You don't want to miss this chance. Her complete bio is available on the Project Dnace web site. To register, stop by the front desk at Trinity Arts Center or shoot us an email. The cost is $25.

Registration For Princess Ballerina Camp Is Open!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 01/02/18.

Week 1 of Princess Ballerina Camp is sold out, but we still have 30 spots available for Week 2 -- June 25th through the 29th. We'd love to have you!

Registration for this year's Princess Ballerina Camp is open! From dance classes to tea parties and face painting to dress up, if you are a young girl (ages 3-8), Princess Ballerina Camp is the place to be this summer!

Princess Ballerina Camp is a half-day arts camp that introduces young girls to dance, art, music, grace, and manners in a playful, fun, and colorful way. Daily activites will include tea parties, costumes, dance classes, music instruction, art projects, face painting, and more -- all designed to give your princess a fun-filled week of instruction, friendship, and creativity.

This year's camps will be held from Monday, June 18th to Friday, June 22nd (Week 1) and from Monday, June 25th to Friday, June 29th (Week 2), from 9:00 to 12:00 each day, with a mid-morning snack and juice provided. To register, stop by the front desk at Trinity Arts Center or shoot us an email. Last year's camp filled up in about two weeks so, please register early to guarantee your spot. The cost is $100 and includes all materials, supplies, and a camp t-shirt.

Make Memories At Our 7th Annual Father/Daughter Dance!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 01/02/18.

Come create memories with your daughter(s) at Trinity Arts Center's 7th annual Father/Daughter dance! There are other Father/Daughter dances and events in town, but the energy and atmosphere of this event is unique. I promise, you and your daughters will remember these annual dates for a long time to come! Make your reservation fast, before tickets are sold out (they sell out every year).

Our annual Father/Daughter Dance is an elegant night of dessert and dancing, with all proceeds going to fund scholarships at Trinity Arts Center. Come dance the night away with your daughters, friends, and fellow fathers. It will be a night to remember (it always is).

Attire is formal (anything from slacks and a button-down to full-blown tux), as we'll spend the evening dancing under the lights at The Venue, in downtown Johnson City, on Saturday, February 17th from 6:00-9:30. Tickets are $20 each. Call or email early to reserve your place. We'll see you there!

Valery Lantratov Ballet Intensive
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 01/02/18.
Valery Lantratov Ballet Intensive
LOCAL DANCERS: Valery Lantratov, General Director of the Russian National Ballet Federation, will be teaching two ballet master classes on Monday, January 15th from 4:00-5:30 (intermediate) and 5:30-7:00 (advanced).

A graduate of the Moscow Academic Choreographic College, Lantratov was selected as a first soloist with the Moscow Stanislavski Ballet, dancing principal roles in ballets such as Don Quixote, Copellia, and Romeo & Juliet. Valery's credits include international performances with the Kremlin Ballet, and the Russian National Ballet Foundation, which he formed in 1993, being named "People s Artist of Russia" -- the Russian Federation's highest artistic honor.

Mr. Lantratov holds a teaching certificate from Russia's National Academy of Theatrical Arts and is currently touring via the Russian National Ballet Foundation, introducing international audiences to some of the finest classical works of Russia. To see a video of Mr. Lantratov in action, watch this video on You Tube.

The Intermediate class is for our Level 3, 4, & 5 students. The Advanced class is for our Level 6 & 7. Participation is free for Trinity students, and just $25 for guests. Please take advantage of this very special opportunity to study from a Russian Master. Email or call to register.

Trinity Arts Center... Semester Save The Dates!
Posted by Jamin Rathbun on 01/01/18.

The 2017-18 school year is underway, and now is a good time to save the dates for spring and summer. Here are a few key dates:

Quarter Tuition Due:Monday, Jauary 8th
Semester Tuition Due:Monday, Jauary 8th
Valery Lantratov Workshop:Monday, January 15th (4:00 and 5:30)
Father/Daughter Dance:Saturday, Fevbruary 17th
Spring Break:Sunday, March 11th - Saturday, March 17th
Quarter Tuition Due:Monday, March 19th
Music Recitals:Friday & Saturday, April 27th & 28th; May 4th & 5th
The Woman at the Well:Saturday, May 12th (1:00 and 5:00)
Last Day Of Classes:Saturday, May 19th
Summer Dance Intensive 1:Monday, June 4th - Friday, June 8th
Summer Dance Intensive 2:Monday, June 11th - Friday, June 15th
Princess Ballerina Camp 1:Monday, June 18th - Friday, June 22nd
Princess Ballerina Camp 2:Monday, June 25th - Friday, June 29th

Of course, we'll add a variety of guest artists, camps, and workshops to the schedule as well, which we'll announce as they are confirmed. You can always reference our online calendar, message us on Facebook, email us, or call/text to (423) 926-6048.